The numbers say it all. Email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing channels to date. When you post on Facebook, you have an organic reach of 6%, meaning 6% of your Facebook fans will see your post in their feed. Compare this with an email open rate of 20 to 30%, and your efforts feel a little less futile. And from those marketing messages on social media, direct and email, email has a 66% conversion rate for new purchases as a result.

So really, is there any doubt that you should be spending more time on email marketing? In the world of private label supplements, there is constantly something new happening. Thus, there are plenty of content opportunities.

There are a few fundamental things to focus on when creating or growing your email list, and you can optimize these all the time. In fact, you must optimize, since email lists grow cold. Below are four tips to keep that list growing. 

Create and add real value

For someone to agree to give up their personal information, you need to give them something of value in return. You should ask yourself what your ideal buyers need to understand, be aware of or believe in order to want or need your service?

In the supplements niche, you have a treasure-trove of content opportunities to turn into core lead magnets (the freebie that you give when you ask for your reader’s email). It is an industry that is constantly changing and evolving. You need to keep up with FDA rulings and new discoveries, and you should keep your customers informed as well. This way you can add value to your readers and also have a platform that yields a high ROI on which to market. The blog options are countless, and this is valuable information that your customers will love, long before you ever ask them for a sale.

Use Social Media to promote your content

Just because you’re using email marketing, doesn’t mean that you should be blind to the advantages of social media. Use it as a medium to build your email list. Now that you’ve got great content to share, let the world know about it. Use all the social media platforms available to you. Show extra effort on the platforms where your ideal buyer spends their time.

Create a Twitter campaign to promote the eBook, video or resource you created, and ask for an email address to access the content. Post helpful beginner content for free on Facebook and then add some additional advanced information that requires an email address. Don’t forget to add an opt in button at the top of your Facebook page as well, so that those who discover your content immediately have the option to become a fan. 

Optimize your website and landing pages

Present your customers with a “gated offer” or core lead magnet by developing an eBook, blog, vlog, newsletter or practical resource and publishing it on a landing page with an email opt-in. Make sure that an email opt in is clearly available on several places on your website. Tip: Looked at a heatmap of your website yet? Your “About” page is more popular than you think, and businesses don’t pay enough attention to it. Make sure to tell your story, offer value and have an option to sign up to the email list on your “About” page.

Make sure that you don’t ask for too much information when your customers sign up, try to keep it at 3 pieces of information. Statistics show that when readers get asked for too many pieces of information, they will often abandon the site before they can get to the content that you oh-so-carefully put together for them. Keep it simple.

Induce FOMO

Most people suffer from it. “Fear of Missing Out.” Your customers do to, and you should use it. Highlight the loss of not subscribing by using creative call to action buttons. You’ve seen them. Instead of a “No Thanks” option, you have to click the “No I don’t want to be a super healthy Rockstar” button. It makes your customer think a bit, and the FOMO monster will be there nagging at the back of their minds.

Your content should be valuable enough to require trailers and ads. Tell your audience about that amazing health tracker that you developed while they’re reading about a new supplement. And make sure that all your content has links to subscribe to your updates. (I prefer to not call them updates though, that’s something for my phone). While they’re enjoying your valuable content, remind them that there’s more out there! And they’ll be silly to miss the opportunity to opt in. Nobody ever said, “I’ll come back and sign up for this blog tomorrow”.