Achieving a recurring customer base requires 2 things: strong branding and a lineup of interesting customer-relevant products. If you’re looking for some popular buzzworthy supplements to add to your inventory then we’ve got you covered. With so many different supplements and ingredients hitting the market each year it can be difficult to decide which ones are best for your business. To help you sort through the crowd, we’ve compiled a list of 3 supplement trends that are sure to grab and keep the attention of your customers.

1. Brain Health

We’re all looking to live life more efficiently, with less stress and more energy. This is why brain health supplements have become so popular. Whether it’s for memory retention, sleeplessness, or anxiety, customers are looking to the supplements market to aid in their efforts toward a healthier brain. Brain health supplements give customers additional support in gaining control over their brain’s abilities. There are many types of brain health supplements, all aimed at enhancing the brain for better performance at work, home, and school.

In fact, with so many different ingredients and applications, there’s something out there for everyone. Private label supplements give you efficient access to the formulations your customers want the most. With a little research, it’s easy to find a brain supplement that suits your audience.

Amongst the most popular brain health supplements are those that target energy, cognitive abilities (memory, reaction time, etc.), and focus. Cashing in on this popular trend means understanding the desires of your audience and providing them with a supplement that can help them get there.

2. CBD

With the recent strides made in the cannabis industry, CBD has emerged as a crowd favorite—and for good reason. CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a cannabis compound that can be extracted similarly to THC. Unlike THC however, CBD does not offer the ‘high’ psychoactive effect associated with cannabis. Instead, CBD boasts an almost endless number of health benefits including reduced stress, pain relief, anti-inflammation, and improved sleep. CBD can also be extracted from hemp, a plant similar to cannabis but much lower in THC.

Not just in the form of supplements, CBD comes in a variety of forms including dissolvables, topicals, and teas. Private label CBD supplements have exploded on the market and are providing consumers with a new approach for managing their wellness. CBD users are not only drawn to the health benefits, however, as the natural origins of the extract are appealing as well. Unlike many supplements, CBD is natural and organically occurs in the cannabis and hemp plants. For consumers concerned about natural and homeopathic supplement options, CBD is a great choice.

3. Keto

Keto is another health and wellness trend that has exploded this year. The Ketogenic diet is a diet that encourages limited carbs and increased fat intake. For some, this translates to 50-70% of their daily caloric intake coming from fat alone. While this concept may flip our notion of healthy eating on its head, the benefits and hoard of dedicated followers can’t go unnoticed.

By restricting carbs and increasing fat intake, dieters are able to push their body into a state of ‘ketosis’ that allows the body to run on fats instead of carbs. This state of ketosis ultimately results in weight loss. Keto supplements are those that help dieters achieve, maintain, or enhance their state of ketosis. There are several types of keto supplements that have recently risen to popularity.

The first is bone broth. Because the keto diet restricts many of the items in the typical diet, bone broth is used as a way to supplement the possible loss of nutrients and protein.

The next type of keto supplement is fats and oils. Items like grass-fed butter and healthy fats (coconut oil) are used to help people meet the high-fat requirements of the keto diet. These supplements provide customers with the fat intake they need along with added nutritional and health benefits.

Finally are ketone salts. These are supplements (a mix of calcium and sodium) that encourage the body to burn ketones instead of fat. While the body will naturally enter a state of ketosis on the ketogenic diet, these supplements are aimed at making it easier to reach and maintain.

The world of supplements is constantly changing. To stay ahead, it’s important to understand the desires and expectations of your customers. These 3 popular trends are a great start for stocking your inventory with the best the supplements market has to offer.